opAmp’s Downhole Communication Module is a product that communicates wirelessly through steel.

This is a customizable product to be used in the well or topside. It features technology that can be adapted to virtually any application, or integrated with your own well tool. The module is controlled by an external CPU board, or it operates in stand-alone.

Downhole Communication Module
Two modules exchanging data
Example Application

One Downhole Communication Module is mounted on top of an installed well tool, while the other module is temporarily brought into vicinity (by e-line or slickline) to perform wireless configuration and exchange of data.

Key characteristics

  • Temperature rating:  177 °C
  • Outer diameter:  down to 1.0 inch
  • Rugged design, for harsh environments
  • Low power design, for battery operation
  • Bit rate:  1200 bps
  • Half-duplex or Simplex
  • Serial TTL interface
  • DSP based engine running advanced communication algorithms


Printable product sheet: link
Video presentation with two demonstrations: link

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